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IMIA News – 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.


In 2013, the IMIA News site provided 139 new posts, so now has an archive of 765 news items.

The busiest single day of the year for traffic was October 24th; the most popular post that day was The Pioneer of Health Informatics in Saudi Arabia Moves On.

Among the posts and pages with the most views in 2013 were:

1. Medical Informatics Journals: 2010 Impact Factors (written July 2011)
2. eHealth Week 2013 (World of Health IT) – Dublin, Ireland: 13-15 May (written January 2013)
3. 4th Middle East Conference on Healthcare Informatics: Dubai, UAE – 22-24 April, 2013 (written December 2012)

This demonstrates the longevity and continuing interest in, and relevance of, some of the items we have produced.

The top referring sites in 2013 (after search engines) were (once again), and the IMIA website – and the WHO website ( was also ranked highly. Among search strings that resulted in people visiting the site were “applied clinical informatics, “tiger initiative”, and (again – interestingly, for an event that does not exist) “mie 2013”.

Most visitors came from the USA (by far the largest number), with Canada second, and Japan now third, above the UK close behind, and followed by Australia, and India. In Europe, most visitors were from the UK, Germany, Spain and Sweden; in the Asia-Pacific area from Japan, Australia, India, Singapore; in Africa from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya; in Latin America from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico; and in the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The full summary as provided by is also available, at

Thank you to all our members and readers – but we need your input to improve. Please send news items, interact, promote the site.

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Launch of The Social MEDia Course

The growth of social media is changing how medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered. The ways in which patients, doctors, and all healthcare professionals communicate and manage their interactions is changing due to the growing use of common social media applications and the growth in use of increasingly powerful mobile communications devices.

However, Dr. Bertalan (Berci) Mesko believes that medical education is lagging, and needs a revolution (in his words). In 2008, Berci launched a course at the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center in Hungary; this was the world’s first university accredited course for medical, dentistry and public health students abut social media and medicine. After several iterations of the course, which proved extremely popular with students, from February 2012, he began to teach the course at Semmelweis University of Budapest, the oldest medical school in Hungary (1769). The course is now an elective course that is part of the official medical curriculum at the two universities,  is taught to several hundred students and runs over 14 weeks.

As the next step, Berci has now launched The Social MEDia Course ( This is a free online course, available to anyone to access. While the course was primarily designed for medical and public health students as well as medical professionals, the vast majority of the presentations can provide useful pieces of information for patients and basically for everyone interested in health and social media.

The Social MEDia Course uses a series of 16 ‘Prezi’ ( presentations that run online, and each one is accompanied by a test that can be completed. On completion, a badge is added to the user profile which you can share on any social networks, and after finishing all 16 elements, a personalized certification is available to show successful completion of the course. An introductory Prezi gives an overview of the course.

Berci is a member of IMIA’s Social Media Working Group, and the course has been revised with, and will be monitored by, input from an international advisory board that includes members of the IMIA SMWG (

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Medicine 2.0’12 Conference: March 07 is Abstract Submission Deadline

The abstract submission deadline for Medicine 2.0’12 is now only 3 days away – submissions close on 07 March – full information about the Call for Abstracts is available via the conference website at

There will be five ways to present work at Medicine 2.0 ’12 Boston – the Call for Abstracts, seeks work to be presented as Presentations, Interactive Demos, Tabletop (Tradeshow) Presentation, Startup Pitches and Panel Proposals. Medicine 2.0 ’12, aka the 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web2.0 in Health and Medicine, will be hosted in Boston at Harvard Medical School, will once again be very international and contain a unique mix of traditional academic/research, practice and business presentations, keynote presentations, and panel discussions to discuss emerging technologies in health and medicine, with an emphasis on Internet-based, social media, and mobile technologies.

Among the many topics are: Building virtual communities and social networking applications for health professionals, patients and consumers;  Science 2.0, collaborative biomedical research, academic / scholarly communication, publishing and peer review; Digital Disease Detection and Biosurveillance using Twitter and other social media/mhealth/Internet sources; The Quantified Self: tracking behavior and health; Semantic Web (“Web 3.0”) applications; Web 2.0 approaches for clinical practice, clinical research, quality monitoring; mHealth Applications; Ubiquitous, pervasive ehealth; and much more.

The conference strives for an interdisciplinary mix of presenters from different countries and disciplines (e.g. health care, social sciences, computer science, engineering, or business) and with a different angle (research, practice, and business).

IMIA continues to support this event, and the IMIA Medicine 2.0 Award will be administered by the IMIA Social Media Working Group. A new mhealth award, sponsored by iMedicalApps, will be made for the best paper on mobile health presented at the 2012 Medicine 2.0 conference in Boston.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Jamie Heywood from PatientsLikeMe and John Brownstein from Healthmap.

Medicine 2.0’12:
5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps and Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine, and Biomedical Research
September 15-16, 2012
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

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Medicine 2.0’12 Abstract Submissions Deadline: 07 March

The next Medicine 2.0 event will be Medicine 2.0’12, (the 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Medicine, Health & Biomedical Research) to be held in Boston, USA at The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on 15-16 September, 2012.

The Abstract/Speaker Proposal Submission Deadline is March 7th, 2012.

For further information see and

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IMIA Monthly News Bulletin and Melbourne HBIR Digest

The latest issue of the IMIA monthly email news bulletin has today been sent to all subscribers, primarily IMIA members and colleagues who are on our database. In the interests of distributing the information more widely, the bulletin is also available at for those wishing to read it, but who are not on our current contacts database. We welcome feedback from colleagues and other readers.

Many of our members and contacts use various forms of web content curation, digests, etc. to collate and manage material form a wide range of sources. One of the newest is the digest produced by the Health & Biomedical Informatics Research Unit at University of Melbourne, Australia and the IBES – Institute for the Broadband-Enabled Society. This curates the topic from blogs, tweets, videos and many other sources. See

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HISA 2011 Conference; SAHIA on Twitter

HISA 2011, the conference of the South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA –, will be held on 29-30 August, 2011 at the Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa. Full information is available through the conference website at

The theme of this year’s event is “Affordable information for quality health care – In search of sustainable innovation in Health Information Technology”. Registration for the event is now open.

Johann Odendaal, SAHIA President, invites your attendance. HISA2011, he says aims to “build on the huge success of Medinfo 2010 which was held in Cape Town in September 2010 … We invite all our colleagues in South Africa and across the African Continent in the areas of nursing, clinical care, dentistry, pharmacy, public health and (bio)medical research to join us at HISA 2011 and celebrate our successes and learn about the rapid advances in technology and the benefits to our industry.”

Twitter users can follow now SAHIA – @SAHIAssociation (

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IMIA Social Media WG Activity – MIE2011 and TEDxMaastricht

IMIA’s Social Media Working Group will be holding a workshop as part of the scientific programme of MIE2011 in Oslo, Norway ( The workshop is titled “Towards a Research Agenda for Social Media in Healthcare and Academia”, presenters will be Peter Murray, Chris Paton, Margaret Hansen, Peter Elkin and Luis Fernandez-Luque.

The workshop will discuss the development of a research agenda around several issues, including investigating the ways in which social media are currently being used in healthcare and academia and how their use might be further developed in the future. Participants will be invited to explore ways in which social media might provide novel research tools or methods. Brief presentations will set the context for active discussion, and will be supported before and after the workshop by online discussions and other use of social media to develop the research agenda deliverables.

We will post news on other IMIA WG/SIG activities at MIE2011 and other events as they become available.

Several IMIA SMWG members will be attending the TEDxMaastricht one day event on ‘The future of health’ on 04 April, 2011. Those unable to attend will be able to follow online through various mechanisms. See the event website at or to follow the event live – and the collation of social media interactions for interaction at

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News Items From Canada: CHIEF and CNIA Journal

Two news items from Canada about various aspects of health informatics.

COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association ( has announced the appointment of Linda Miller as the new Executive Director of CHIEF: Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum (, with effect from April 1, 2011.

Linda was the 2008-10 President and Board Chair of COACH, and has been closely involved with CHIEF since its inception. She has also been a former Alberta Health and Wellness Deputy Minister, CIO and Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Information Strategic Services.

The full news release is on the COACH website at


Volume 6 Number 1 (Winter 2011) of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI – is now available online and for free.

Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics (CJNI) is an on-line publication available to anyone interested in the evolving field of Canadian nursing informatics. It has a 22 member Editorial Board and aims to develop into a dynamic vehicle to express the voice for Nursing Informatics that is championed by CNIA, the CNA and lived by many nurses both in Canada, and around the globe.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • EDITORIAL: Theory applied to informatics – Lewin’s Change Theory by June Kaminski, RN, MSN, PhD(c), Editor in Chief
  • Technology in Education Column: How are you using Social Networking Tools? by Dr. Sandra Bassendowski

Previous issues are also available.

CNIA (Canadian Nursing Informatics Association) has a website at and are on Twitter (@CNIAssoc)

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MIE2011 – One Week to Paper Submission Deadline: 30 January, 2011

The deadline for submission of full papers for MIE2011 is rapidly approaching – 30 January, 2011 (scientific papers, future vision papers and review papers).  All presented papers will be included in the MEDLINE indexed proceedings, published by IOS Press in Amsterdam; paper submissions should not exceed a maximum of five camera-ready A4 pages)

Full information on the MIE2011 Call for Participation, covering all categories of submissions, is at

See our earlier post at (03 January, 2011) for further details, or visit the MIE2011 website –

MIE2011 is also on Twitter (@mie2011), Facebook (, and LinkedIn (

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IMIA on Facebook

IMIA, in particular through the contribution of members of the IMIA Social Media Working Group ( continues to explore how new and emerging applications and technologies can be of benefit to its own work as an organisation, and how they might additionally be used to improve health, directly or indirectly. As a number of our member organisations have done, we have now set up a Facebook page to provide another channel through which IMIA can interact with its members, friends, and the wider international health informatics community.

If you are on Facebook, you can find (and ‘like’) us at

Other IMIA social media (aka Web 2.0) channels include:

Other member and related organisations who use Facebook (and other social media) include:

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