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Translational Bioinformatics (Free, Open Access) Book in PLOS-CB

PLOS Computational Biology announces the launch of a new collection of educational articles: “Translational Bioinformatics”. This collection is presented as an online “book” which, PLOS CB, suggest, could serve as a reference tool for a graduate level introductory course, marking a step in an exciting new direction for the education section of the journal, and wider knowledge about the field.

Further information is provided in a PLOS blog post,  which describes translational bioinformatics as “an emerging field that addresses the current challenges of integrating increasingly voluminous amounts of molecular and clinical data.”, and provides an overview of the chapters in the book.

The ebook is available in a variety of formats (including epub, and mobi format for Kindle users) and is downloadable from the collection page:

Like all other PLOS articles, chapters in this open-access collection are freely available to everyone for reuse and redistribution, eg as course materials. The authors have created exercise questions for each chapter, which could be used by students or other interested readers to test what they’ve learned. Of particular interest might be Chapter 13: Mining Electronic Health Records in the Genomics Era (Joshua C. Denny – PLOS Computational Biology: published 27 Dec 2012 | info:doi/10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002823).

Thanks to Prof. Riccardo Bellazzi, University of Pavia (IMIA VP Medinfo) for the information on this publication.

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Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI) – New Open Archive

Edward H. Shortliffe, MD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI – has announced that JBI now features free access to all of its articles after 12 months.

The entire pre-2011 archive of JBI is now available in the JBI Open Archive, without limitation, through ScienceDirect. The direct link is

JBI focuses on papers that introduce new and innovative methodologies with potentially broad applicability across biomedicine. The quality methodological reviews are often used for teaching as well as for research references and the journal and its team hope this will help to make JBI even more useful to the informatics research community.

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Indian Journal of Medical Informatics Vol 5, No 1 (2010)

Two new articles have been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics (IJMI –; these complete Volume 5 (2010), and the full contents of Volume 5 No 1 (2010) are available at

The articles are:

1. Design of access control logic for HCRBAC – Oveeyen Moonian, Kavi Kumar Khedo, Sudha Cheerkoot-Jalim, Soulakshmee D. Ghurbhurrun-Nagowah, Zarine Cadersaib at
2. A pilot study on effectiveness of Short Text Messages (SMS) as a Reminder System for Making Working Women from Delhi Breast Aware – Anita Khokhar at

Indian Journal of Medical Informatics (IJMI) was relaunched in 2007, and is now an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal adopting a broad definition of “medical informatics” and focusing on the applied aspects of computers to healthcare delivery. In the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics, all articles are accessible free of charge (as HTML files). However, PDF files are available only to IAMI (Indian Association of Medical Informatics – members.

IJMI articles are also archived at OpenMED@NIC (, an open access archive for Medical and Allied Sciences, where authors/owners can self-archive their scientific and technical documents –

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Medical informatics journals impact factors; JMIR now no. 1

Thomson Reuters’ Impact Factors for 2008 (which are a well-recognised reflection of the relative importance of journals in their field) have recently been published, and for medical informatics journals provide much food for thought.

Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR –, an open access Internet journal, created 10 years ago and edited by Gunther Eysenbach, is now the number 1 journal in the list of twenty medical informatics journals reported. With an impact factor of 3.6, JMIR beats JAMIA (www.jamia.orgJournal of the American Medical Informatics Association), impact factor 3.4, into second place. This is a reversal of the 2007 standings, when JAMIA was number 1 (as it has been for many years) with an impact factor of 3.1 while JMIR was second with 2.95.

Among other journals, the International Journal of Medical Informatics (IJMI) significantly improved its impact factor from 1.6 in 2007 to 2.75 in 2008, and so rose to fourth in the list, while Methods of Information in Medicine slipped back from 10th to 15th, as its impact factor fell to 1.06 (from 1.45).  CIN:Computers, Informatics, Nursing stayed almost unchanged with an impact factor of 0.97.

Gunther Eysenbach has commented in JMIR (>>>) and on his blog about the results (>>>) and is “shaken and thrilled”, saying that “I am surprised by this myself – I would have never thought that JMIR could overtake the venerable JAMIA in terms of impact.”

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