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Medinfo2010 – Photos, Keynote Materials

Those who were not able to be at Medinfo2010 in Cape Town, South Africa in September can access some of the materials and memories from the conference website – and those who were there may wish to have them, too.

UPDATE 05 January, 2011: a historical archive of the website, with these materials, is at

Currently available are:

Keynote presentation from Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji (WHO, Geneva) PDF file (3.6MB)
Keynote presentation from Prof Nada Lavrac (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia) PDF file (1.6MB)

Electronic version of the Medinfo2010 Daily News which was distributed at the congress
13 September 2010 – Issue 1 (406kb)
14 September 2010 – Issue 2 (506kb)
15 September 2010 – Issue 3 (481kb)

A variety of photographs (photogallery)

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IMIA General Assembly

The IMIA General Assembly meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 12 September, 2010. It was a very successful event, and extremely well attended; many thanks to everyone who was there. The photo below is courtesy of Jacob Hofdjk. More of Jacob’s photos are available >>>

Among the highlights from the GA – Honorary Fellowship of IMIA was awarded to Reinhold Haux and Sedick Isaacs (the latter was formally presented at the Medinfo2010 Opening Ceremony); Hyeoun-Ae Park was confirmed for a second term as IMIA VP for WG/SIG; the new IMIA Statutes were approved; and four new IMIA Member Societies were accepted, ie Chilean Health Informatics Society (Asociación Chilena de Informática en Salud – ACHISA), Mexican Medical Informatics Association( Asociación Mexicana de Informática Médica), Thai Medical Informatics Association and Togolese Association of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (ATIM-TELEMED). Further news items will follow.

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Medinfo2010 Starts Today

Medinfo2010 starts properly today – delegates will shortly be gathering for the official opening ceremony, to be addressed by the South African Minister of Health, Dr A Motsoaledi, and with the opening keynote from Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, from WHO.

Tutorials and workshops have been held yesterday and today, as well as a series of overlapping meetings, including the IMIA Board and General Assembly, HELINA and IMIA-LAC GAs, and many other activities. Reports on many of these will follow.

For those unable to be there in person, there will be a raft of opportunities for interaction through social media; some of these are linked/grouped at while many other individuals will be blogging, tweeting and otherwise talking about the event. Medinfo2010 also has a Facebook event page – and a LinkedIn group – and is on Twitter @medinfo2010

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IMIA Board Meeting, Cape Town

The IMIA Board held a successful meeting in Cape Town, South Africa on 11 September, 2010.

The photo below records the event, courtesy of Jacob Hofdijk.

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AMIA Launches Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP)

AMIA, the American Medical Informatics Association (, has launched a non-profit, wholly owned subsidiary organization called the Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP) to serve as an international center for collaborative initiatives on health informatics. Operationally supported by AMIA, GHIP (“gee-hip”), aims to build grassroots networks of health informatics advocates and professionals to strengthen health informatics capacity in low-resource settings, primarily in South America, Africa, and Asia. All GHIP activities will conform to open standards, open content, and open-access principles and practices, and are guided by established informatics principles.

The GHIP website, still being finalised, will be at Full details of GHIP and a fuller release will be available from AMIA.

IMIA is one of several organisations with which GHIP is already partnering; other global health leadership partners include Health Metrics Network, a partnership hosted by the World Health Organization; IntraHealth International; Millennium Villages Project, Earth Institute, Columbia University; Regenstrief Institute, Inc. (at Indiana University School of Medicine); OER Africa (an initiative of South Africa Institute for Distance Education); and OpenMRS.

Robert Mayes has been appointed Executive Director of GHIP; he has served as a senior advisor on health information technology issues at the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Health Information Technology Program. His recent work has focused on mobile technologies and the role of social networks in health care. Mayes is also a registered nurse with clinical experience in both acute care and community nursing, and holds degrees in anthropology, nursing, and nursing informatics.

GHIP is governed by a newly named Board of Directors: John H. Holmes (Chair); Dominik Aronsky; Antoine Geissbuhler; Rita Kukafka; Gilad Kuperman; Heimar de Fatima Marin; and  Chris Seebregts.

Mayes will lead the newly formed GHIP team to Cape Town, South Africa, in September for Medinfo2010, where they will introduce a group of prototypes called HIBBs, Health Informatics Building Blocks; informatics training modules designed for community health workers in low-resource clinical settings.

Health Information Building Blocks (HIBBs) are open source training modules designed to help users in low resource settings gain proficiency in the use of health information and communication technology applications such as electronic health records. The HIBBs Project, part of the Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHiP), will be rolling out its first HIBB prototypes at the MedInfo2010 Conference in Cape Town. Attendees can stop by Booth #5 to test a HIBB and then enter a contest to win a VISA gift card.

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It’s Medinfo2010 Month: 200th Post

September 2010 is finally here, the month for Medinfo2010, IMIA’s triennial world congress. So, it is fitting that this, our 200th post on this particular news channel, should be about Medinfo2010, given the importance that Medinfo has in the IMIA calendar.

As all readers of this news blog should know by now, Cape Town, South Africa will host the 13th International Congress on Medical Informatics – Medinfo2010 – from the 12 – 15 of September 2010. This will be the first African Medinfo, and provides the opportunity for health informaticians from around the world – whether they are actively involved in IMIA and its member and associated organisations or not – to come together to exchange information, meet old friends, make new contacts and collaborations, and generally develop their own professional knowledge and the field of health informatics.

The Medinfo2010 programme is on the website; the event features keynotes, papers, posters, workshops, panels and tutorials. For those unable to be there in person, there will be a raft of opportunities for interaction through social media; some of these are linked/grouped at while many other individuals will be blogging, tweeting and otherwise talking about the event. Medinfo2010 also has a Facebook event page – and a LinkedIn group – and is on Twitter @medinfo2010

Medinfo events are not just about the conference, the learning and the networking. They also provide an opportunity for IMIA’s annual business meetings of its Board and General Assembly, for meetings of its Working Groups and Nursing Special Interest Group, and many other meetings associated with IMIA’s day-to-day activities.

We look forward to seeing many colleagues at Medinfo2010 – but if you cannot be there, then think about attending one of the other events related to IMIA and/or its WG/SIG, regional groups, member societies, etc. These include:

MIE2011 in Oslo, Norway: August 2011 –

NI2012 in Montreal, Canada: June, 2012 –

Medinfo2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark: September 2013

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Social Media and Medinfo2010

As part of an initiative lead by Gil Kuperman, AMIA2010 Symposium SPC Chair, we have created a social media site to collate as much of the online social media interaction around Medinfo2010 as we can.

The site is at – it has several aims:
– to aggregate such tweets, blog posts, etc as we can locate or are informed of around Medinfo2010;
– to provide a forum for focused discussions (in the ‘Forum’ area) around some specific topics;
– to provide an opportunity for blog posts by people who don’t have their own blogs.

If you wish to actively contribute, you can sign up for an account via the site (please provide information on who you are, to deter spammers etc.); or you can just read the contributions of others. See the ‘How to use this site’ page for more information.

After Medinfo2010, we will be collating and analysing materials, as well as holding some more focused discussions, to feed into sessions at AMIA2010; we will discuss further developments after that.

Members of the IMIA Web 2.0 Taskforce are contributing to the site – if you are willing to help monitor, moderate, etc., then please let us know.

We recognise that many people will also use their own blog sites, Twitter streams, etc. – please contact us if you are willing to explore collaboration on this.

Other social media activities at Medinfo2010:
-Using Social Media to Build an Online Community: Learning By Doing – Workshop 904 at 17:15 – 18:45 on Monday 13 September – lead by Robert Hsiung and colleagues. See and for more details
-Social Media New Tools for Personal Health and Wellbeing – Panel 518 at 13:30 – 15:00 on Monday 13 September – lead by Pirkko Kouri and others

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Medinfo2010 – Tutorials and Special Offer

Half day and full day tutorials will be taking place at Medinfo2010 on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 September, 2010.

Full information is available on the Medinfo2010 website >>>

Tutorial subjects include: EHR implementation tips, Change management, Evaluating patient-centred HI, Natural language processing, Evaluation of HI overview, Terminology, Usability evaluation, Writing for publication, Data mining, HL7 CDA + CDS, Clinical decision support, GRID computing, and OpenEHR.

Prices: Half day tutorials – R1700.00, Full day tutorials – R2200.00

Register for tutorials at and book online, or contact Ingrid Jacobs (ingrid[at] if you require any further assistance.

Special offer – Writing for Publication Tutorial

Elsevier and Schattauer publishers are offering free participation in this tutorial for a limited number of researchers from developing countries and young researchers under 35 years of age. This is their way of contributing towards the education of young researchers and working towards increasing the submission of papers from developing countries in their respective Medical Informatics journals – Methods of Information in Medicine, the International Journal of Medical Informatics, and Applied Clinical Informatics.

This tutorial is being presented by the editors of these prestigious official IMIA journals.

This offer is only open to colleagues who are registered to attend Medinfo 2010. Should you be from a developing nation and under 35 years of age please contact the Medinfo2010 LOC as above, and they will forward the applicable registration form, or see the information on the website. Successful applicants for free participation will be notified no later than Friday 27 August 2010.

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More IMIA WG Events at Medinfo2010

Thomas Karopka, vice chair of the IMIA Open Source Health Informatics Working Group OS WG), has announced that they have organized a workshop about Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in health care at MEDINFO 2010 (13/09/2010 17:15-18:45). The workshop is titled”Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) – Prospects, Challenges and Barriers in Healthcare IT”

The FLOSS workshop will cover general aspects of FLOSS in health care and in particular will elaborate on commonalities and differences between developed countries and the Global South. The workshop is open to all people interested in FLOSS in health care. There are no specific prerequisites although it is beneficial to know general aspects of FLOSS.

Other IMIA WGs will be holding similar business meetings and activities, including:

Monday 13 Ssptember – biomedical pattern recognition, dental informatics, informatics in genomic medicine, human factors engineering for health, and health informatics for development WGs.

As already mentioned in earlier posts, there is also:

  • IMIA Education Working Group Meeting – Monday 13 September, from 15:00 to 17:00 in Room 2.4.3 of the conference venue >>>;
  • IMIA Academic Members Workshop – Monday September 13th, from 19h to 20’30h in Room 2.6.6 at the MEDINFO 2010 Conference Venue >>>;
  • IMIA Health Information System Working Group – 30th Anniversary Event from Friday evening, September 10 to Sunday, September 12, 2010, just before MedInfo 2010 >>>.

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IMIA General Assembly and Board Meetings; Sept. 11-12, Cape Town

The annual meeting of IMIA members, the IMIA General Assembly, will be held on Sunday September 12, 2010 at the The Roof Terrace, Cape International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa. It will be preceded by the IMIA Board meeting on 11 September. Both meetings are by invitation only.  The formal invitation and notice of the meeting has been sent to all General Assembly members via the General Assembly email list. If you are an official representative or other category of GA member, and you have not received this, please contact the IMIA Executive Director at imia[at]

Information for members – log-in required – is in the Member Services area of the IMIA website; documents will be uploaded during August.

The IMIA General Assembly meeting will start time at 08:30, due to the full agenda; it will finish at approx. 16:00, in time for people to attend the Medinfo2010 Opening Ceremony.

One of the key items of business to be transacted at the 2010 IMIA General Assembly meeting will be discussion and voting on adoption of the proposed revised IMIA Statutes. The IMIA Statutes are an important legal document. We have been working to bring them up to date, and to ‘future proof’ them.  A significant part of the Cape Town GA meeting will be devoted to discussion of the proposed new Statutes. If you are a GA member or proxy and have not yet received this document, please contact the IMIA Executive Director at imia[at]

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