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Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI): Discussion Lists Changes

The Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI – has been running online discussion groups since 2001. These have been within an open forum, with many IAMI members, as well as non members from India and across the globe, involved. Over the years, many issues pertaining to healthcare informatics have been discussed by the members with an average of 2 to 6 mails in a day. The method followed is to allow any member to open a topic based on a recent news item report or as a topic of the month session. Interested members reply and an attempt is made to reach a consensus.

Issues discussed in the last few months include ehealth, ICD10, Adoption of IPads in the healthcare setting, Swasthya tablet (a new low cost Tablet PC for healthcare workers in India). Recent invited topics of the month included – Healthcare IT (Status) in India, Journals (how to publish and relevance of open source publishing) etc. Language of our discussions is English.

Of the discussion groups/lists maintained in recent years, iami_gen[at] is currently the most prominent, especially in international circles. However, iami[at] is bigger, with many more non-members including some prominent government functionaries There are others created for specific purposes. Since many members were common and mails were being shared, the discussion threads had started getting confusing. Sometimes many copies of the same mail as well as there was a possibility of some members not receiving an important reply.

It has been decided by the IAMI General Body, which met in February 2012, that the discussion groups need to be consolidated. As per consensus, all members of iami_gen[at] will be transferred to iami[at] and activity of the former will be phased out soon. Ownership of this group will reside with the Current President and Secretary, who will decide the moderation rules.

IAMI invites IMIA members to join our new official discussion group, i.e. iami[at] For membership, send a blank email to iami-subscribe[at] from the email address which they wish to use. If any member is already receiving mails from iami_gen[at], he/she is informed that the name shall automatically be transferred to the new official group i.e. iami[at] Most of the members of iami_gen  group have been transferred to iami[at] already and the remaining are being transferred.

IAMI is an IMIA Member Society.

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