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First Nursing E-learning Program in Croatia and the Region

The Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNIA – has launched a first e-learning program for nurses in Croatia and neighboring countries. Titled ‘eNursing: Internet Academy of Nursing and e-Health’, this e-learning programme is intended for all nurses from Croatia, and for those from neighboring countries, who use similar language. (The programme is currently only in Croatian).

The eNursing programme is designed around and delivered through fifty webinars, covering a wide range of topics, including nursing, biomedicine, information and communications technologies, and nursing informatics. Video presentations, interactive demonstrations and other applications are used. All participants are linked in a closed private social network and share in small group activities. The Academy runs throughout the year and the materials are updated on a weekly basis.

This e-learning program is  recognized and accredited by Croatian Nursing Council, a regulatory nursing organization in Croatia for continued education program (CPD) credits.

Aleksandar Radenović, president of CroNIA, is very satisfied with the initial reactions of nurses in the region to this new development, and hopes that it will attract even more participants from the region during the year. In addition to the primary objective of the Academy, which is to educate nurses, it will also serve as an introduction to the level of knowledge and skill that nurses in the region require in nursing informatics, and for the use of modern technology in nursing and healthcare.

The organizers hope to develop and launch an international English version of the eNursing Academy in the near future, to bring together nurses from different parts of the world, especially those in countries where nursing informatics has not undergone sufficient development. The Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNIA) hopes that this project will also be able to link with other partners for joint cooperation.

The above information has been provided by Aleksandar Radenović, president of CroNIA, and Croatian representative to the IMIA-NI Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group (email: aleksandar.radenovic[at] The Croatian Nursing Informatics Association is also a full member of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI – HUIS CroNIA is also on Facebook at

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CRONIA2010 – Zagreb, Croatia – May 12-13, 2010

CRONIA 2010: International Nursing Conference on Health in Community will take place from May 12 to 13, 2010 as a physical event, Further online parts to the conference will be facilitated until May 30, 2010 through about 50 online webinars. The event will take place at the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia – full information is available at

CRONIA2010 is being organised by, among others, World Youth Bank Network, in collaboration with European Health Agency, Zagreb University School of Medicine, Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNia), Croatian National Nurses Federation (CNNF), University of Applied Health Studies, Internet Nursing & Health Alliance – IN&HA, and many other organizations from Croatia and other countries. Supporting organisations include IMIA and many others. Official languages of  the conference are English, German and Croatian.

The event is being held to promote nursing informatics and nursing in Croatia and the surrounding countries, and one of the primary organisers is Aleksandar Radenovic, IMIA-NI representative from Croatia.

May 12 is also International Nurses Day and the event will include a celebration of the day.

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ITI2009 conference – Croatia, June 22-25

ITI 2009 (, the 31st International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces (ITI), takes place in Cavtat/Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 22-25, 2009. The conference, traditionally organized by the University Computing Centre Zagreb, is this year co-organized by CSMI, The Croatian Society for Medical Informatics. There will be a special session: “Medical Informatics”.

The aim of the Conference is to provide the opportunity for researchers from different fields of information and communication technology to exchange and communicate the new ideas, problems, approaches and solutions.

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