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NI2016 – Student Wearable Design Contest; Submission Deadline 01 April, 2015

Student_Cont_NLThe purpose of the NI2016 Student Wearable Contest is to encourage collaborative teams to develop and share innovative ideas in wearable or ubiquitous technologies to promote mobile-health, connected health or ubiquitous computing in health care. The goal is to allow the next generation of interprofessional collaborative teams to showcase how technologies can transform nursing and health care.

Details of the contest are available on the NI2016 website – see  and directly at

Topic areas of the contest: Wearable, Mobile and ubiquitous computing – including wearable devices, mobile apps, integration of mobile technologies into the care continuum.

The description of the prototype must:

  1. provide evidence that it is innovative or new;
  2. show its relevance to patient / family care or health care professional
  3. demonstrate a change in the care of a patient / family or in the work of health care professionals
  4. follow acceptable standards, privacy and data protection guidelines
  5. Describe the details of its usability (plan for usability testing or results of testing)
  6. include a visualization of the idea that should include:
    a. Technical architecture
    b. Photo or drawing
  7. Maturity of device
    a. What stage is it now?
    b. What stage of maturity at time of presentation (June 2016)?
  8. should represent an interprofessional collaboration among students that encourages work across schools, across degrees, across disciplines (nursing, health professions, engineering, computer sciences, etc)
  9. no more than two Universities can work together.

Abstract must be submitted in English. Presentations at NI2016 can be presented in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese. For more information for translation services, please contact the NI2016 at

Deadline for submission: April 1, 2015

Descriptions are also available here in English, French, German and Spanish.

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IMIA Yearbook on PubMed Central

CoverYearbook2014_c0957c1f3aOn behalf of the Editorial Team, IMIA and the publishers, Prof. Christoph Lehmann, IMIA VP Services, is pleased to announce that the IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics is available on PubMed Central.

See for the link to contents. Currently, only the 2014 edition of the IMIA Yearbook is available via this route.

The Yearbook 2014 is also available directly from our publishers, Schattauer, at

Work is currently underway on publication of the 2015 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics.


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