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International Symposium on the Frontiers in Intelligent Medicine – Kuala Lumpur, Sept. 26-27, 2014

The 1st International Symposium on the Frontiers in Intelligent Medicine (FIM2014 – will be held on 26-27 September, 2014. The theme of the event is “Relating People and Technology in Future Healthcare Systems”, and the venue will be the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This theme captures the current era of convenience and immediacy of mobile and wearable biosensors devices, and applications; the event will explore this theme through the lenses of biomedical informatics, computer science, cognitive science, and human-centered systems to explore the potential avenues that these and other technologies can bring to healthcare, particularly in Malaysia.

Frontiers in Intelligent Medicine has thus been designed as a unique multidisciplinary symposium which brings together some of the foremost international biomedical informaticians, computer scientists, cognitive scientists and psychologists together with Malaysian clinicians from the Institut Jantung Negara. The organisers wish to reach out to other researchers in medical informatics coming from universities, hospitals and research institutes/industry in the region – Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia etc. It is hoped that hosting this symposium in Malaysia will bring medical practitioners/specialists, research scientists and industry representatives together to discuss the future of informatics in the medical domain, specifically addressing what can be done in Malaysia. With the participation from other members of  IMIA in this region, the organisers hope to have a platform to generate interest in medical informatics, and allow local researchers and medical specialists to meet those active in medical informatics in the region so that we can start with a small community here (and get it active again), and to learn and explore issues together in Malaysia.

This symposium is co-sponsored by the Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (Malaysia government innovation agency which sits under the Prime Minister’s office). The symposium will be attended by key people from Medtronic Inc, Boston Scientifc, Ministry of Health of Malaysia, and several delegates from the Association of Private Hospitals in Malaysia (and of course local researchers). It will be officiated by the Minister of Innovation in the Prime Minister’s office, Dato’ Dr. Mah.

The symposium programme ( includes invited local clinicians speaking about medical treatment, diagnosis and patient care challenges, while international keynote speakers will address the known problems and current research and development efforts in applying Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science with a Human-Centered methodology in healthcare including latest developments in diabetes medical device remote monitoring technology.



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