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WHO Calls for Public Interest Safeguards for .health and Health-related gTLDs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on the ICANN Board to require the adoption of various principles to govern health-related gTLDs, and in particular a future .health gTLD.  “Establishing much-needed governing principles for the .health gTLD is the key to ensuring the Internet can play its proper role in supporting global public health”, the statement concludes. The WHO statement and principles, together with background information, are available at

The WHO state that the adoption of appropriate and sound governance, principles and rules for the .health gTLD would establish a safe and reliable space on the Internet for health. They further state that these “Governing Principles and GAC safeguards would offer the transparency, quality, security and control needed for online health services to thrive, while protecting consumers and industry from the serious fraud and abuse prevalent today. Further, a reliable and trustworthy Internet would enable the exchange of sensitive health information during joint action in emergencies such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters, and enhance the capability of health authorities to share and analyse diverse data from many sources”. The principles are listed at


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