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Mapping of Telemedicine Health Programs in Latin America

lac-mapThe PAHO website (Equity, Health and Human Development area) has some interesting resources relating to the “Mapping of Telemedicine Health Programs in Latin America”. See

They include the draft working document “Mapping use of ‘Educative-Telemedicine’ in Latin-America”, which “describes the development of two primary deliverables for PAHO’s Knowledge Management and Communications Unit that included a rapid web-based environmental scan (mapping) of the use of ‘educative-telemedicine’ in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).” This mapping found 159 ‘educative telemedicine’ programs and initiatives that are providing support to health care professionals. Brazil is leading the region with the largest number of institutions and programs, closely followed by Colombia. The design of ‘educative telemedicine’ programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama, assisted by existing and emerging technologies, is supporting networks of health professionals to improve access, reduce isolation and facilitate the integration of care across silos and geographical regions. Tele-education programs in LAC are thematically varied between medical specialties, public health, and child and maternal health. They also seem to be deployed so that they can evolve and respond in real-time to the most prevalent public health problems.

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