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Inventory of Health IT Evaluation Studies

The IMIA WG Health Technology and Quality Assessment and EFMI WG Assessment of Health Information Systems provide and maintain the Inventory of Health IT Evaluation Studies and Systematic Reviews, available for free at:

Dr Nicolette de Keizer, Chair of the IMIA Working Group ( writes:

This repository was created to help researchers to identify evaluation studies that have been conducted in defined settings. It now contains more than 1700 references to published evaluation studies and reviews of evaluation studies of health information systems.

A health information system in this context comprises all computer-based components that are used to enter, store, process, communicate, and present health related or patient related information, and which are used by health care professionals or the patient themselves in the context of inpatient or outpatient patient care. Each entry is indexed according to, among others, type of evaluation information system, clinical domain, evaluation method, and evaluation criteria. All entries are searchable based on a combination of parameters and thereby it allows much more specific searches than, for example, the MeSh-terms in PubMed. For each entry, the abstract can be reviewed, and a direct link to PubMed is provided.

The repository is the result of a systematic literature search in PubMed, conducted in 2003 [1] and updated in 2006, 2009 and 2012. Since 2009, the repository is also updated based on input from researchers from all over the world. To support this, the repository website offers the possibility to propose studies that should be entered into the database. Since 2010, between 150 and 200 distinct visitors visit each month.

[1] Ammenwerth E, de Keizer N. An inventory of evaluation studies of information technology in health care trends in evaluation research 1982-2002. Methods Inf Med. 2005;44(1):44-56. Erratum in: Methods Inf Med. 2005;44(3):III.

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