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Lessons From 13 Years on the IMIA Board, from Reinhold Haux

At the 2012 IMIA Board and General Assembly meetings held recently in Beijing, China, Prof. Reinhold Haux, who served as IMIA President from 2007-2010, formally attended his last IMIA Board meeting.

Reinhold presented a short reflection on ‘”13 years of Board membership – lessons learned”. As the reflections and lessons will probably be of interest to a wider IMIA audience (and some of the photographs certainly will), Reinhold kindly agreed to the presentation being made available to anyone interested.

The presentation is downloadable here (2.5MB PDF). While different people will draw different lessons, we take the liberty of extracting two points made by Reinhold:

1. “tradition is not preserving the ashes, it is passing on the fire” – accredited to Thomas Morus (1478-1535)

2. Having strong roots in ones own scientific and cultural background, and being aware that no one is the owner of the truth, makes it more easy to collaborate respectfully and strictly towards IMIA’s objectives and to learn.

Photo: IMIA Board meeting June 2006 at NI2006 Congress, Seoul, Korea.

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