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electronic Journal of Health Informatics (eJHI): Vol 7, No 2 (2012): Special Issue on Aged Care Informatics

The electronic Journal of Health Informatics (eJHI) has just published its latest issue, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2012), a Special Issue on Aged Care Informatics, at

This Special Issue Special Issue on Aged Care Informatics is guest-edited by Andrew Georgiou and Jeffrey Soar

Table of Contents

Aged Care Informatics – Preparing for the Road Ahead – Andrew Georgiou, Jeffrey Soar
Aged Care IT in Australia – the Past, Present and Future – Ping Yu
Book Review: Intelligent Technologies for Bridging the Grey Digital Divide – Andrew Georgiou
A Review of the 2012 Health Informatics Human Resources Guidelines: Recruitment Publication by COACH – Canada’s Health Informatics Association – Evelyn J S Hovenga

Special Issue Papers

An Indoor Localisation and Motion Monitoring System to Determine Behavioural Activity in Dementia Afflicted Patients in Aged Care – Matthew D’Souza, Montserrat Ros, Mohan Karunanithi
Health Information-seeking Behaviour on the Internet and Health Literacy among Older Australians – Mary K Lam, Lawrence T Lam


Comparative Usage of a Web-based Personally Controlled Health Management System and Normal Support: a Case Study in IVF – Annie Y S Lau
Advances for Semantic Interoperability through CPR Ontology Enrichment Extracting from SOAP Framework Reports – David Mendes, Irene Pimenta Rodrigues
ICT Framework for an Online Medical System – Christopher Pavlovski
Practical Measures for Keeping Health Information Private – Roderick Neame

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The electronic Journal of Health Informatics (eJHI) is an international journal committed to scholarly excellence and dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare. It is a journal for all health professions and informaticians of all levels. eJHI aims to publish original, high quality papers related to Health Informatics and health informatics technology in a timely fashion. It aims to provide health care workers with a readily accessible, electronic vehicle for sharing information about research, knowledge, experiences, perceptions and wisdom with colleagues involved in all facets of health informatics and health information technology.

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