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New Report on Open Data from Deloitte Analytics

Deloitte Analytics has announced the publication of the first white paper in their new series of research reports and white papers on the topic of ‘competing on insights’. Titled “Open data – Driving growth, ingenuity and innovation”, this white paper has been researched and written in collaboration with Professor Nigel Shadbolt (, head of the Web and Internet Science Group at the University of Southampton and co-director of the UK Government’s new Open Data Institute (

This publication presents Deloitte’s vision for open data, which is much more than just an initiative for improving government transparency. Deloitte’s view is that open data, and not simply ‘big data’, will drive growth, ingenuity and innovation in the UK economy. They believe that:

  1. every business will have a strategy to exploit the rapidly growing estate of open data
  2. businesses will increasingly open up their data to revolutionise the way they compete
  3. businesses will use open data to inspire customer engagement
  4. businesses will work with Government to establish a new paradigm in data responsibility and privacy.

Prof. Nigel Shadbolt’s keynote presentation, “The power of open: thinking outside the box”, given at the 2012 European Summit on Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data is also available and provides additional context. The Summit was hosted by IMIA and Deloitte was a Platinum Level Sponsor; see

Thanks to Dr. Anthony Leese, Manager, Consulting at Deloitte MCS Limited, for information on this report.

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