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IMIA Yearbook 2012 Available

The IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2012, with the theme “Personal Health Informatics”, is now available ( This is the latest edition of the series that started in 1992.

Some of the material in the IMIA Yearbook is available as free download, whilst other is pay-per-view for individual items. You can also order the Yearbook in paper and electronic format. The Paper Version includes online access to the complete Full Electronic Version. Single copies can be ordered from Schattauer Verlag. They are available at a reduced rate for members of IMIA’s Member Societies, and to subscribers of Methods of Information in Medicine.

Several IMIA Member Societies (including AMIA, COACH, FDH, FinnSHIA, HISI and HINZ) subscribe to full (free) electronic access for their members as part of member benefits, and the Yearbook is also included as a member benefit to Academic and Corporate Institutional Members of IMIA. Access codes will be sent shortly to these Member Societies.

The objectives of the IMIA Yearbook are:

  • To present an overview of the most original, excellent state-of-the-art research in the area of health and biomedical informatics of the past year.
  • To provide surveys about the recent developments, and comprehensive reviews on relevant topics in this field.
  • To provide information about IMIA.

Among freely available papers in the IMIA Yearbook 2012 are: [free download]

  • President’s Statement – A. Geissbuhler: Personalized Health Informatics [free download]
  • Editorial – C. A. Kulikowski, A. Geissbuhler: Personal Health Informatics [free download]
  • Keynote – E. Coiera: The True Meaning of Personalized Medicine[free download]
  • Information on IMIA [free download]
  • Information on IMIA Regions [free download]

IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics : Editors: Geissbuhler A, Kulikowski C ISSN 0943-4747, ISBN 978-3-7945-2914-8 (see also for more information

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