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e-Health Standards and Interoperability – Report on
 Joint ITU-WHO Workshop

A joint ITU-WHO workshop on “e-Health standards and Interoperability” was held at ITU headquarters in Geneva, 26-27 April. It gathered experts from the healthcare and ICT communities to discuss means of leveraging today’s advanced communications capabilities to achieve more efficient, cost-effective and equitable health services worldwide. IMIA participated in the workshop, and the IMIA CEO, Dr Peter Murray, chaired one of the discussion sessions.

A summary report on the workshop, together with links to presentations, is available via the ITU website – see

Actions were suggested to the various stakeholders, including:

Suggested ITU-WHO actions:
– Joint policy brief on the essentiality of standards and interoperability to the exchange of medical data, as well as outreach activities to educate policy-makers and business leaders on the relevance and application of e-health standards
– Creation of an e-health Working Group to advise ITU and WHO on steps to be taken in the future
– Collaborate with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) to create an information portal detailing all available healthcare standards and best practices in their application

SDO actions:
– Coordinate with the new HL7 initiative on mobile e-health
– ITU and HL7 to develop a specification for the use of ITU-T X.1303 CAP specification within HL7 to deliver health warning messages
– Consider effective cost models for e-health standards licensing
– Collaborate in the development of a common e-health standards roadmap; ensuring no work is duplicated, and encouraging a converged view on the structure of data and information in the e-health context.

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