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Register for WCIT 2012 World Tech Jam; June 05-07, 2012 – Collaborative Healthcare

The World Tech Jam, from June 5 – 7, 2012 is a large-scale digital brainstorm session where IT users and stakeholders will discuss innovations and actions that our governments, businesses and society can adopt to improve healthcare, education, smart cities & transportation, energy & sustainability as well as media & culture in the digital age.

The goal: develop a Digital Society Action Plan that will create prosperity and social development for everyone. For the first time, IT users will lead the conversation! Contribute your ideas and your vision!

Registration is now open and is free – see

The main topics in the Collaborative Healthcare stream ( will include:

  • Personalized medicine
  • Consumer health IT
  • Big data and medical research
  • Electronic medical records
  • Rethinking drug discovery and clinical trials

Among key questions addressed will be:

  • What will modern healthcare look like in 2025, and what role will digital technologies play in the transition?
  • How can we accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by patients, doctors and care providers?
  • How can medical researchers exploit the new research opportunities spawned by the rise of “big data”, and what are the key challenges?
  • What can we learn from the “quantified self” movement, and will personal health monitoring unleash a new era of medial self-awareness and pro-active health management?

Jam Hosts: Richard Alvarez – CEO, Canada Health Infoway;  Sean Hogan – Vice President, Global Healthcare Delivery Systems

VIP Guests: Denis Protti – Professor of Health Informatics, University of Victoria; Neil Seeman – Founder and CEO, Health Strategy Innovation Cell;  Peter Murray – CEO, International Medical Informatics Association;  Lincoln Moura – President, Brazilian Health Informatics Association

Chat Hosts: Franz Josef Allmayer – Project Coordinator, Advanced Development for Africa (Switzerland); Ajay Kumar Tanwani – Founder, Remote Patient Monitoring System (Pakistan); Ed Brown – CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network

Jam Facilitators: Brendon Seaton – President, ITAC Health (Canada); Bill Pascal – Chief Technology Officer, Canada Canadian Medical Association; Gail Crook – CEO, Canadian Health Information Management Association; Don Newsham, CEO, Canada’s Health Informatics Association

IMIA is a Worldwide Partner in WCIT 2012 – see

World Tech Jam

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