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Post No. 500 – Thank You to Our Readers, Please Contribute Your News

This is the 500th post since we relaunched IMIA’s news service on the WordPress blog platform in May 2009. Thank you to everyone who follows this service, reads it, and shares it with others. IMIA News has several functions – to provide news and information about IMIA’s own activities (eg conferences, publications) and those of its member and partner organisations; to provide information both within the IMIA ‘family’ and to the wider health and biomedical informatics community around the world; to share items of wider interest about health and medical informatics activities, ehealth developments, and related activity directly , or sometimes tangentially, touching on IMIA’s goals and objectives.

Despite the growth in readership and the number of news items we do provide, we always welcome more. We invite IMIA member organisations (and individuals within them) to contribute on a regular basis with news about their association’s or institution’s activity (conferences, courses, publications, etc). We cannot guarantee to publish every item, but we will do our best to share information.

What do people read? Two interesting lists of the most popular posts. The most popular posts from the past 30 days are:

The most popular since we launched IMIA News are:

Where do our readers come from? Two graphics show where the bulk of our readership comes from – perhaps not too surprising – but also shows the gaps around the world.Part of IMIA’s purpose is to support the development of health informatics around the world – hopefully by doing this, we can help to fill in some of those gaps.

Map view, top views by country (past month – darker orange/red, more access;
grey areas show little or no access – or WordPress cannot count the access):

List view, top views by country (past month):

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