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International Journal of Medical Informatics, Volume 80, Issue 8 (August 2011) – eTOC

International Journal of Medical Informatics is an official journal of IMIA.

Volume 80, Issue 8,  Pages e39-e188, 541-606 (August 2011) is available at:

Special Issue: Supporting Collaboration in Healthcare Settings: The Role of Informatics
Edited by Madhu Reddy, Jacob Bardram and Paul Gorman


1. Special issue on Supporting Collaboration in Healthcare Settings: The Role of Informatics
Pages 541-543
Madhu C. Reddy, Paul Gorman, Jakob Bardra

Regular Papers

2. Social care informatics as an essential part of holistic health care: A call for action
Original Research Article
Pages 544-554
Michael Rigby, Penny Hill, Sabine Koch, Debbie Keeling

3. Analysis and evaluation of the Electronic Health Record standard in China: A comparison with the American national standard ASTM E 1384
Original Research Article
Pages 555-561
Wei Xu, Zhiyu Guan, Hongxin Cao, Haiyan Zhang, Min Lu, Tiejun Li

4. Design and implementation of I2Vote – An interactive image-based voting system using windows mobile devices
Original Research Article
Pages 562-569
P.M.A. van Ooijen, A. Broekema, M. Oudkerk

5. Computerized detection of adverse drug reactions in the medical intensive care unit
Original Research Article
Pages 570-578
Sandra L. Kane-Gill, Shyam Visweswaran, Melissa I. Saul, An-Kwok Ian Wong, Louis E. Penrod, Steven M. Handler

6. Barriers to acceptance of personal digital assistants for HIV/AIDS data collection in Angola
Original Research Article
Pages 579-585
Karen G. Cheng, Francisco Ernesto, Ricardo E. Ovalle-Bahamón, Khai N. Truong

7. Health information seeking, diet and physical activity: An empirical assessment by medium and critical demographics
Original Research Article
Pages 586-595
Christopher E. Beaudoin, Traci Hong

8. The feasibility of an automated monitoring system to improve nurses’ hand hygiene
Original Research Article
Pages 596-603
Alexander I. Levchenko, Veronique M. Boscart, Geoffrey R. Fernie

9. Review of “pull” point-of-care services
Pages 604-605
Lorenzo Moja, Rita Banzi, Ludovica Tagliabue

Special Issue Papers

10. Coping with the unforeseen in surgical work
Original Research Article
Pages e39-e47
Line Melby, Pieter J. Toussaint

11. Publisher note to: Leadership Structures in Emergency Care Settings: A Study of Two Trauma Centers
Page e48

12. Tensions of network security and collaborative work practice: Understanding a single sign-on deployment in a regional hospital
Original Research Article
Pages e49-e61
Rosa R. Heckle, Wayne G. Lutters

13. An exploration of the impact of computerized patient documentation on clinical collaboration
Original Research Article
Pages e62-e71
Charlene R. Weir, Kenric W. Hammond, Peter J. Embi, Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, Stephen M. Thielke, Ashley N. Hedeen

14. Disrupted rhythms and mobile ICT in a surgical department
Original Research Article
Pages e72-e84
Per Erlend Hasvold, Jeremiah Scholl

15. The impact of medical record technologies on collaboration in emergency medicine
Original Research Article
Pages e85-e95
Markus A. Feufel, F. Eric Robinson, Valerie L. Shalin

16. Multi-disciplinary collaboration during ward rounds: Embodied aspects of electronic medical record usage
Original Research Article
Pages e96-e111
Cecily Morrison, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Alan Blackwell

17. Designing for collaborative interpretation in telemonitoring: Re-introducing patients as diagnostic agents
Original Research Article
Pages e112-e126
Tariq Andersen, Pernille Bjørn, Finn Kensing, Jonas Moll

18. Collaboration in electronic medical evidence development: A case study of the Social Security Administration’s MEGAHIT System
Original Research Article
Pages e127-e140
Sue S. Feldman, Thomas A. Horan

19. Model development for EHR interdisciplinary information exchange of ICU common goals
Original Research Article
Pages e141-e149
Sarah A. Collins, Suzanne Bakken, David K. Vawdrey, Enrico Coiera, Leanne Currie

20. A model of awareness to enhance our understanding of interprofessional collaborative care delivery and health information system design to support it
Original Research Article
Pages e150-e160
Craig E. Kuziemsky, Lara Varpio

21. Organizational routines, innovation, and flexibility: The application of narrative networks to dynamic workflow
Original Research Article
Pages e161-e177
Gillian R. Hayes, Charlotte P. Lee, Paul Dourish

22. Hospital readiness for health information exchange: Development of metrics associated with successful collaboration for quality improvement
Original Research Article
Pages e178-e188
Lisa M. Korst, Carolyn E. Aydin, Jordana M.K. Signer, Arlene Fink

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