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Establishing an evidence base for e-health: a call for papers, Bulletin of the World Health Organization

IMIA President Antoine Geissbuhler and Najeeb Al Shorbaji (WHO Department of Knowledge Management and Sharing) have published an Editorial and Call for Papers in the current (June 2011) edition of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Titled “Establishing an evidence base for e-health: a call for papers”, the editorial is an open call for contributions to a Special Theme Issue of the Bulletin. The Editorial/Call can be found at (HTML version) or downloadable PDF file at

This is part of a joint project between IMIA and, among others, a range of US government agencies (including PEPFAR, CDC, and USAID), IDRC, as well as the Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP). In addition to the open call, a project team will also be commissioning papers on specific topics from within IMIA and from among the wider global health informatics community.

As Antoine and Najeeb note: “Evidence is needed to promote equity of access to information and health services, and to strengthen activities and programmes that support local, regional, national and global health communities. There is a critical need to communicate evidence and to provide examples of best practice in the development of effective and efficient solutions to major health challenges.” The objectives of the theme issue of the Bulletin are [1] to provide an authoritative, critical and independent overview of knowledge about the appropriate, transdisciplinary methods and applications in e-health; [2] to include contributors from developing countries who typically do not have the opportunity to publish in international journals; and [3] to disseminate the key findings of this theme issue to high-level decision-makers, to promote a stronger commitment on e-health interoperability issues and its wider application.

The International Medical Informatics Association will provide quality control and mentoring to ensure that these contributors get the appropriate level of support, if required. Review papers will be commissioned to teams of authors, with a mix of internationally-recognized senior scientists and contributors who may have valid experiences and perspectives without writing practice. An important goal of this project is to develop writing capacities through a joint authorship and mentoring process.

The deadline for submissions is 20 November 2011. Manuscripts should respect the Guidelines for contributors and mention this call for papers in a covering letter.
NOTE: All submissions will go through the Bulletin’s peer review process. Please submit to:

We ask all IMIA members and colleagues to publicise this as widely as possible to their members, contacts, networks, etc. We also ask all IMIA members and friends, especially those in low and middle income countries, to consider contributing to this call.

The Bulletin, one of the world’s leading public health journals, is a peer-reviewed monthly with a special focus on developing countries. The Bulletin is one of the top 10 public and environmental health journals with an impact factor of 5.4, according to the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI). It is essential reading for all public health decision-makers and researchers who require its special blend of research, well-informed opinion and news.

IMIA is a Non Government Organization (NGO) in special relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

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