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PeRSSonalized Health Informatics on

IMIA, in particularly through the input of members of the Social Media Working Group (SMWG), in pleased to have been able to collaborate with to develop the “PeRSSonalized Health Informatics” resource (

PeRSSonalized Health Informatics is part of the larger PeRSSonalized Medicine resource, which is a simple, free, customizable, multi-lingual aggregator of quality health/medical resources in social media.

As with many social media resources, this first iteration of PeRSSonalized Health Informatics will not be the last; it will continually evolve and improve as readers use it and, through ‘wisdom of the crowds’ approaches, make recommendations for further additions. If you have suggestions, contact

The driving force behind PeRSSonalized Medicine and is Dr. Bertalan Meskó (Berci), a member of the IMIA SMWG. Berci graduated from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science Center in 2009; he is doing PhD in clinical genomics. He has been running the award-winning medical blog, Scienceroll, since November, 2007. He thinks medical education and communication between physicians and patients will be revolutionized with the tools and services of web 2.0. He is a medical blogger, a microblogger, a manager of medical projects in Wikipedia and an organizer of scientific events in Second Life. He launched the first university credit course in the world that focuses on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students.

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