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PAHO –Cochrane Iberoamericana Network Award 2011

Health Agenda for the Americas 2008 — 2017
Theme: Strengthening the Health Systems in the Americas

Deadline to submit works: 20 June, 2011 Full information (in English and Spanish) is available at

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) supports and promotes development and the use of research in order to improve life and the well-being of the populations of the Americas, as is reflected in the PAHO Policy of Research for Health (

Thanks to a kind contribution of the “Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo” (AECID), PAHO/WHO in collaboration with the Red Cochrane Iberoamericana, created this award to: recognize systematic reviews and protocols that promote the Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017 agreed by the governments of the Americas in 2007; promote the development of new reviews; and inspire young researchers to contribute systematic reviews that guide research that contribute to informed decisions for health.

The theme of this year’s context is Strengthening the Health Systems in the Americas, its objective is to promote research that contributes to robust health systems through Cochrane Reviews. An award will be given to one systematic review and one protocol that responds to current research questions relevant to the health systems in the Americas.

The prize will be awarded on 22 October 2011 during the XIX Cochrane Colloquium taking place in Madrid, Spain on 19-22 October (

A panel of credited investigators will preselect the protocols and reviews among works already published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in The Cochrane Library or the Library Cochrane Plus between January 2009 and June 20 of 2011. Systematic reviews and protocols not published in these libraries will also be taken into account; those should be sent to the Pan American Health Organization, no later than 20 June 2011 with a subject line “Cochrane 2011 Award.”

Premio OPS – Red Cochrane Iberoamericana
Agenda de Salud para las Américas 2008 — 2017
Tema: Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas de Salud de las Américas

Fecha límite para someter trabajos: 20 de junio 2011. –

Gracias a una gentil contribución de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID), la OPS/OMS en colaboración con la Red Cochrane Iberoamericana, crearon este premio para: reconocer las revisiones sistemáticas y protocolos que impulsen la Agenda de Salud para las Américas 200820017 acordada por los gobiernos de las Américas en 2007; promover el desarrollo de nuevas revisiones; e inspirar a los jóvenes investigadores a contribuir con revisiones sistemáticas a orientar la investigación que contribuye a informar las decisiones para la salud.

Bases del Proceso: El tema de este año es “Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas de Salud de las Américas” y tiene como objetivo promocionar la investigación que contribuya a fortalecer los sistemas de salud, mediante revisiones Cochrane. Se premiará una revisión sistemática y un protocolo que contesten preguntas vigentes a la investigación en sistemas de salud que sean relevantes a las Américas.

El premio se entregará el 22 de octubre durante el XIX Coloquio de la Colaboración Cochrane que se realizará en Madrid, España, del 19 al 22 de octubre 2011.

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