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International Journal of Medical Informatics, Volume 80, Issue 2 (Special Issue) – eTOC

International Journal of Medical Informatics is an official journal of IMIA.

Volume 80, Issue 2, Pages e1-e38, 75-150 (February 2011) is available at:

Special Issue: Security in Health Information Systems
Edited by Koji Yamamoto

1. The recommendations from the 2009 SiHIS working conference in Hiroshima – Issues on trustworthiness of health information and patient safety
Original Research Article  Pages 75-80
Koji Yamamoto, Yoshiyasu Okuhara, Eike-Henner W. Kluge, Peter R Croll, Francis Roger France, Pekka Ruotsalainen, Kiyomu Ishikawa

2. The role of standardized data and terminological systems in computerized clinical decision support systems: Literature review and survey
Review Article Pages 81-93
Leila Ahmadian, Mariette van Engen-Verheul, Ferishta Bakhshi-Raiez, Niels Peek, Ronald Cornet, Nicolette F. de Keizer

Regular Papers
3. Views on health information sharing and privacy from primary care practices using electronic medical records
Original Research Article Pages 94-101
Gihan Perera, Anne Holbrook, Lehana Thabane, Gary Foster, Donald J. Willison

4. The IT productivity paradox in health: A stakeholder’s perspective
Original Research Article Pages 102-115
Liette Lapointe, Muriel Mignerat, Isabelle Vedel

5. The changes in caregivers’ perceptions about the quality of information and benefits of nursing documentation associated with the introduction of an electronic documentation system in a nursing home
Original Research Article Pages 116-126
Esther N. Munyisia, Ping Yu, David Hailey

6. Detection of bed-exit events using a new wireless bed monitoring assistance
Original Research Article Pages 127-132
Marie Bruyneel, Walter Libert, Vincent Ninane

7. The integration of Information and Communication Technology into nursing
Original Research Article Pages 133-140
Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva, Michael Hardey, Joan Torrent, Pilar Ficapal

8. Application of data mining to the identification of critical factors in patient falls using a web-based reporting system
Original Research Article Pages 141-150
Ting-Ting Lee, Chieh-Yu Liu, Ya-Hui Kuo, Mary Etta Mills, Jian-Guo Fong, Cheyu Hung

Special Issue Papers

9. Ethical and legal challenges for health telematics in a global world: Telehealth and the technological imperative
Original Research Article Pages e1-e5
Eike-Henner W. Kluge

10. Medical record search engines, using pseudonymised patient identity: An alternative to centralised medical records
Original Research Article Pages e6-e11
Catherine Quantin, David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle, Gouenou Coatrieux, Eric Benzenine, François-André Allaert

11. eHealth in Belgium, a new ìsecureî federal network: Role of patients, health professions and social security services
Original Research Article Pages e12-e16
Francis Roger France

12. Ontology driven health information systems architectures enable pHealth for empowered patients
Original Research Article Pages e17-e25
Bernd Blobel

13. Aspects of privacy for electronic health records
Original Research Article Pages e26-e31
Sebastian Haas, Sven Wohlgemuth, Isao Echizen, Noboru Sonehara, Günter Müller

14. Determining the privacy policy deficiencies of health ICT applications through semi-formal modelling
Original Research Article Pages e32-e38
Peter R. Croll

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