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IMIA President’s Message for 2011

Dear members of the IMIA Community,

Please receive my personal wishes and those of the IMIA Board for a healthy, peaceful, happy, and productive Year 2011.

This year is going to be full of challenges and opportunities for IMIA. We have returned from an inspiring Cape Town MEDINFO 2010 conference, full of energy and ideas, ready to bring forward, at the global level, IMIA’s agenda and strategic plan. We have realized how much health and biomedical informatics are now strategic in most aspects of health, healthcare and biomedical research worldwide. This gives us an increased responsibility, as well as a sense of urgency to realize IMIA’s vision, to bring forward our values, and to make sure that our voice is heard in the growing and ever-noisier choir of health informatics and eHealth.

This year, we will develop and strengthen our partnerships and synergies, within IMIA’s community, and by reaching out to other organizations, in particular in the fields of standards and global health. We will also leverage the capacity and diversity of our members and of our regions, which represent the true richness of IMIA.

During 2011, we will particularly ask our working groups and special interest groups to demonstrate their dynamism: many of them will be commissioned to produce reviews and white papers in their fields of expertise, helping to establish IMIA as a leading voice to inform the various stakeholders and decision-makers with quality information, knowledge and advice.

These are exciting times for our field, with loads of challenges and opportunities. Nevertheless, I am sure that, with IMIA’s wide-ranging community, we can truly strengthen the research, education, dissemination and impact of our field globally, and thus better serve the professionals, and, ultimately, patients and citizens.

Happy New Year!
Antoine Geissbuhler

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