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IMIA Board Changes; New CEO Role

At the end of each Medinfo, the Presidency of IMIA changes. New IMIA President Prof. Dr. Antoine Geissbuhler, from Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland, started his 3 year term (2010-13) during a formal handover from his predecessor, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Haux, during the closing session of Medinfo2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.

However, Reinhold has not finished his work with IMIA; as Past President, he now chairs the IMIA Nominating Committee for the next 3 years; other new members of the Nominating Committee (not Board members) are Ken Toyoda (Japan) and Elizabeth Borycki (Canada).

Other changes to the Board are that the IMIA VP Medinfo is Dr. Riccardo Bellazzi (Italy), replacing Prof. Enrico Coiera (Australia) and  IMIA VP Special Affairs is Prof. Arie Hasman (Netherlands), replacing Prof. Hiroshi Takeda (Japan).

Also changing during Medinfo, at the General Assembly meeting of IMIA-LAC (, Dr Carol Hullin replaces Dr Alvaro Margolis as the VP/Regional Liaison from IMIA-LAC.

IMIA expresses its thanks to retiring Board members for all their hard work during their terms of office: Prof. Enrico Coiera (past VP Medinfo) and Prof. Hiroshi Takeda (past VP Special Affairs), and to Alvaro for his work with IMIA-LAC.

The IMIA General Assembly meeting in Cape Town also approved the IMIA Board recommendation that Dr Peter Murray be appointed IMIA Executive Director for a 5 year term (2011-15), and that his title change to CEO, reflecting the changing nature of the role and responsibilities and IMIA develops its activities in coming years, as envisioned in the IMIA Strategic Plan.

From photo courtesy Jacob Hofdijk (back row, far left): Riccardo Bellazzi (back row, second from left); Enrico Coiera (back row, fourth from left); Antoine Geissbuhler (back row, third from right); Arie Hasman (back row, second from right); Peter Murray (back row, far right); Hiroshi Takeda (front row, far right).

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