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IMIA President’s end of year letter

The following letter was sent to IMIA’s email distribution list today. If anyone wishes to add a ‘reply’ and their own greetings, wishes, etc., please send them to news[at] and we will add them as comments to this post.

Dear colleagues and friends,

As this year comes to an end, we again look back to what has happened over the past year and look forward to what the next year will bring for us. Most of us will probably do this in thinking of our families, our professional future and of how our societies and organisations will develop.

For you all who have contributed to IMIA, please let me once again – and for the last time, as it is now my third and final year as IMIA President – share my thoughts about our world organization in health and biomedical informatics.

As you know, this year started with a very sad event. On Sunday, April 12, 2009, IMIA’s Executive Director Steven Huesing unexpectedly passed away. Many of us lost more than a colleague. An obituary on Steven Huesing has been published in the IMIA Yearbook 2009, and in this year’s IMIA General Assembly, Steven was elected as an Honorary Fellow.

Despite of this sad event, IMIA has continued to move forward. Some of the very important steps that I, as IMIA President, see that we have made in this year in order to prepare IMIA for the future are:

– Dr. Peter Murray has been elected as the new Executive Director of IMIA. There is now an IMIA Office which will be iteratively extended.

– The biennial Medinfo cycle is now in place. After Medinfo2013 (which will be held in Copehagen, Denmark), Medinfos will take place every two years.

– With the establishment of MEAHI, IMIA’s Middle East Association of Health Informatics, our regions now cover all parts of the world.

– The revised IMIA Recommendations on  Education in Biomedical and Health Informatics Education have been endorsed by the IMIA General Assembly. They will appear in Methods of Information in Medicine, one of IMIA’s official journals, in the second week of January 2010 and will immediately be freely available to everybody.

– With the launch of “Applied Clinical Informatics” (ACI) as a new IMIA related applied informatics journal, IMIA has strengthened its role as a bridging organisation from informatics theory to practice.

– A new monthly IMIA News bulletin, replacing the bimonthly IMIA News in “Methods”, is well accepted by the IMIA community.

– In close relationship with IMIA, a number of very successful international conferences have taken place. Let me here particularly mention Helina 2009 in Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast), Nursing Informatics 2009 in Helsinki (Finland) and the Collaborative Meetings in Health Informatics 2009 in Hiroshima (Japan).

I am glad that Medinfo 2010 is proceeding very well and that a high number of papers, posters etc. have been submitted. Medinfo 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, will become a great event and I look forward to meet many of you there.

Many other news items about IMIA and its continuing growth could (and maybe should) be added here – but would make too lengthy a ‘summary’.

My acknowledgements and thanks go to all who have contributed to these and other activities and who make IMIA to what it is today – “the” international organization in health and biomedical informatics. Please let us be once again aware that IMIA consists of its members, i.e. of us all. We all play an important role in successfully contributing to the development of good health in our societies that can help to build a world that is even more worth living in for all people.

In hoping that the next year will be successful to all of you, and that it may be a good, peaceful year for you, your families, and for our world, let me please send you my best wishes.

See you 2010 in Cape Town at Medinfo!

Reinhold Haux
President of IMIA

81 Boulevard de la Cluse
1205 Geneva

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