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METHODS of Information in Medicine, Volume 48, Issue 6

METHODS of Information in Medicine is an official journal of IMIA.

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On Using References as Evidence
J. Brender, J. Talmon (free download)

Key Performance Indicators to Benchmark Hospital Information Systems – A Delphi Study
G. Hübner-Bloder, E. Ammenwerth

Implementation of an Emergency Medical Card and a Continuity of Care: Report Using Continuity of Care Standard
C. H. O. Olola, B. Rowan, S. Narus, M. Smith, T. Hastings, M. Poynton, J. Nebeker, J. Hales, R. S. Evans

Comparing a Japanese and a German Hospital Information System: Assessing Structural Quality by 3LGM² Models
F. Jahn, L. Ißler, A. Winter, K. Takabayashi

Health Care Procedures: Comparison of the International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI) with the CCAM Basic Coding System
S. Hanser, A. Zaiss, S. Schulz

Automated Identification of Diagnosis and Co-morbidity in Clinical Records
C. Cano, A. Blanco, L. Peshkin

Intuitive and Axiomatic Arguments for Quantifying Diagnostic Test Performance in Units of Information
W. A. Benish

Continued Multidisciplinary Project-based Learning – Implementation in Health Informatics
C. Weßel, C. Spreckelsen

Health Informatics in Japan, Update, 2008- 2009
M. Kimura (free download)

Alert System for Inappropriate Prescriptions Relating to Patients’ Clinical Condition
Y. Matsumura, T. Yamaguchi, H. Hasegawa, K. Yoshihara, Q. Zhang, T. Mineno, H. Takeda

A Three-layered Model of Nursing Based on Hospital Observation Data: Analysis of Nursing Care with Ubiquitous Sensors
N. Ohboshi, T. Tanaka, N. Kuwahara, H. I. Ozaku, F. Naya, K. Kogure

Time Process Study with UML: A New Method for Process Analysis
N. Shiki, Y. Ohno, A. Fujii, T. Murata, Y. Matsumura

Development of a System for Measurement and Analysis of Tremor Using a Three-axis Accelerometer
N. Mamorita, T. Iizuka, A. Takeuchi, M. Shirataka, N. Ikeda

Methods of Information in Medicine is official journal of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

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