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IMIA GA 2009 – some highlights

Among the many items of business conducted by the IMIA General Assembly (GA) 2009 meeting, held in Hiroshima, Japan were the following; further information on some of these will be supplied in due course:

  • the revised IMIA recommendations on health and biomedical informatics education were approved. These have been developed over the past two years by a taskforce lead by Prof. John Mantas, and update the recommendations originally approved in 1999. Following final proofreading, the revised recommendations will be published and made available on the IMIA website;
  • the final outputs of the IMIA-BCS-CHIRAD Knowledge Base project were approved as an IMIA endorsed document. This project updated the IMIA Scientific Map, originally developed by Nancy Lorenzi. The new materials will be made available on the IMIA website soon;
  • the report of the IMIA Taskforce: Biennial Medinfo Cycle was approved. The taskforce members were thanked for their work, and for identifying actions that IMIA now needs to undertake to successfully implement the changes. A new taskforce will be established, as well as other activities. This means that, after Medinfo2013 (Copenhagen, Denmark), the following Medinfos will be in 2015, 2017, etc. Further information on the bid selection processes will be made available in due course.

IMIA GA members – Hiroshima, Japan, 2009 (photo courtesy Reinhold Haux)

IMIA GA 2009 participants - Hiroshima, Japan Nov. 25

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