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IMIA Yearbook 2009 published

The IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2009 has been published; this year’s theme is ‘Closing the loops in biomedical informatics’. Those who attended the recent MIE2009 conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will already have received a copy.  Paper copies will be going out to subscribers within the next few weeks, and we are working to ensure that IMIA National Member societies and others who have subscribed to the electronic access to the IMIA Yearbook are able to access it.

The IMIA Yearbook is published as a supplement to Methods of Information in Medicine. Information about the IMIA Yearbook can be found on the Schattauer website >>>

We will provide a full table of contents shortly; however, a few highlights include:

  • In Memoriam Steven A. Huesing (1944 – 2009) – R. Haux, N. M. Lorenzi, K.C. Lun, O. Rienhoff, J. H. van Bemmel;
  • STARE-HI -Statement on Reporting of Evaluation Studies in Health Informatics – J. Talmon, E. Ammenwerth, J. Brender, N. de Keizer, P. Nykänen, M. Rigby;
  • subject area surveys and best paper selections on a range of health and biomedical informatics topics;
  • research and education papers describing experiences in Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa; and
  • information about IMIA, its members, its regions and its WG/SIG.

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