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IMIA and Web 2.0

The IMIA Web 2.0 Exploratory Taskforce has been exploring the use of Web 2.0 tools, with a view to incorporating appropriate applications within IMIA’s daily activity and interaction with its members and the wider health and biomedical informatics communities.

There are IMIA groups on LinkedIn ( and Facebook (; anyone using these social networking sites are encouraged to join and participate in discussions. NI2009, the 10th International Congress on Nursing Informatics (, and Medicine 2.0’09 (h established event pages on Facebook. Twitter feeds ( ) have also recently been set up for IMIA (@IMIAtweets), NI2009 (@ni2009)and MedInfo2010 (@medinfo, @medinfo2010), although currently are still in early stages of development and we will be exploring how best to use them. Through the initiative of the IMIA Web 2.0 Exploratory Taskforce, we are exploring these facilities as to how beneficial they might be and how IMIA can best make use of such new and emerging technologies and modes of interaction, both with IMIA members and the wider global health and biomedical informatics communities.

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